establish, expand, & conquer:

read this first

"I will grant to the one who conquers to sit on my throne, just as I conquered and sat on my Father's throne." - Jesus Christ, quoted from Revelation 3:21

Young man, the purpose of God for you is that you would conquer. He has placed you on this garden called earth so that you will join his cause in subduing it to His good purposes. Before you can do that, you will have to get free of the dragon. Easier said than done, but you probably already know that. There may be a woman in this garden made just for you. You need to find her, or if you already have, you need to start treating her as God's daughter, which she is. Once you're established on your plot of garden Earth, you need to learn to expand it. And in expanding it, you will face more dragons which you will have to slay. Nothing I just described is easy, yet deep down you know it's necessary. 

The only way to establish, expand, and conquer is the way of Jesus Christ. You may not believe that story, but what other story do you have? If you find a better way than Christ, then go walk it. But if you have landed on this page because you know deep down that your only hope in this life is to find life's deepest meaning, a meaning which is larger than you, then I offer you the way of Christ. The truth of the story is this: everything that needs to be done has been done by Christ. You can trust him to teach you the way. Read that Jesus quote at the top one more time, then continue to read below to find out what you can do next to learn from Jesus how to establish, expand, and conquer.

What this isn't

  • This isn't a program you have to pay any money to join. The only cost is the cost of potentially giving up the life you are currently living which isn't working anyway.
  • This isn't a trick to get you to "make a decision". Making a decision is worthless, you've probably figured that out already. You need the real Christ who is so much bigger than any 'decision' you or I can make.
  • This isn't a religion of "no". You're going to be so busy doing the things you should that you're going to have less and less desire to do the things you shouldn't.  
  • This isn't an accountability group.  This is a way and a brotherhood of active expansion according to God's purposes as taught by Jesus Christ.
  • This isn't for Christians only. If you don't believe or don't know if you believe, you are welcome to try it out. No questions are off limits. Life is too important to play Sunday School games. If you decide this isn't for you, no one here will shame you.
  • This isn't for a certain age. You define "young". I won't.
  • This is one man inviting other men to learn from the mistakes he has made and to find their life purpose in Jesus Christ. 

What to do next: 7 next steps

  1. If you've read this far, write down on a piece of paper the ONE thing that you would most desire to learn from a group of men committed to learning the way of Christ.
  2. You need to come to a traditional Christian church service. I conduct one each Sunday afternoon at 4pm at 2001 Cloyd Blvd. in Florence. Why traditional? Because you don't need a concert and a TED talk - you need the Truth that is mystery and the mystery that is Truth. 
  3. After the service, come up to me, look me in the eye, shake my hand and tell me you came because you landed on this webpage.
  4. After doing that, while we are talking, hand me the piece of paper you wrote your ONE thing on. Make sure your name and contact info are there as well.
  5. I will contact you after that to arrange a breakfast or lunch meeting where we can discern together next steps for you as you walk the way of Christ.
  6. I will connect you with other like-minded men who will help you walk the way of Christ.
  7. I will do anything and everything in my power to help you become the man Christ has destined you to be.

My name is Lanier, by the way. I'm a pastor and a hospice chaplain. If you can't learn from my example you can definitely learn from my mistakes. I look forward to meeting you.